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Chobots Pets

Pets were first introduced on Month Date, Year by Vayersoft LLC on their project – “”. Pets are still available for adoption in located at Location Eco

Loyalty Bar
This bar is loyalty bar. It will show you how happy your pet is. The longer you own and take care of your pet, the higher this bar will fill. Pets will begin to perform more actions as this bar fills up.

Be a good pet owner and always keep an eye on two progress bars in pet’s player card:



They show you if your pet is tired or hungry. The lower the bar, the more care your pet needs in that area.

Play & Rest
Jumping through a circle, playing with a ball, jumping in a plunger or on a trampoline, flying on a choboard – all this can be performed by your pet. You can even inflate it. No harm will be caused! you can be sure that your friend will love this.


Pets require a lot of rest, as they are active, so make sure it gets enough sleep. Press the third button and you’ll be able to chose a type of nap for your pet.

For any questions regarding Pets please reach out to us at