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Chobots Agency Program

The Chobots Agency Program was first introduced on December 22, 2008 by Vayersoft LLC on their project – “”. It is now an official program ran by The program consists of users, known as “agents”. Agents are trusted Chobots who follow the rules, are regularly active in the community and help new players. Agents play a vital role in assisting Moderators to ensure the safety of the Chobots planet.

How can I become an agent?
Agents are specially selected by the team. To become an agent, you must be an active and engaging member of the community. Engagements such as creating videos and/or blogs are not required, however, encouraged for a better chance at becoming an agent. Agents must present themselves appropriately, help users when needed and be friendly.

What are the benefits in becoming an agent?
Agents are given an agent badge, blue chat bubble and name tag, distinguishing them from other users. Agents also have access to their own drawing wall and secret room, known as the “Agents HQ”. The Agents HQ is where meetings are held, also consisting of a special catalog with items exclusively available to agents.

What happens when an agent breaks the rules or becomes inactive?
If an agent breaks the rules or becomes inactive, then they will be “de-agented”. To be de-agented means your agent status will be removed. Moreover, the team may de-agent a user if they feel he/she is not fit for agency.

For any questions regarding the Chobots Agency Program please reach out to us at


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